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I just installed the evaluation copy and tried to log syslog messages. Install/setup seems fine.

But, no logging happens. No log file generated. And, I tried to event logging as well. But it failed too. I suspect some fundamental thing I might miss. Is there any thing I need to start looking at for troubleshooting? e.g., specific event message

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


>But, no logging happens

please export/backup your configuration and send the resulting file to me (


To backup the configuration:

Select the Computer for which you want to backup the configuration to a file.

On the Action menu, select Backup, or right-click and select Backup.

Specify the file to which the configuration should be saved, and click OK.



Your configuration looks fine so far and on a test system produces the desired output (file, event log).

Did you already try to generate syslog messages for testing from within SL4NT Manager?

On which Windows version did you install SL4NT? Did you apply SP1?


Follow up: He found out that the problem of receiving syslog messages was caused by the local firewall.


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