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Date parsed: 5/17/2000 8:23:30 PM

Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 19:23:30 +0200

Hi! We're trying to evaluate SL4NT V2.0. All I've done so far is =


logging to my SL4NT system, with a basic Action of "Log to File" invoked =


a Rule that says Src Addr of, any level, do above Rule. Just a

basic capture to see how this works. However, when I create a log =

message I

get 2 copies of the message in the log file!!

This certainly might be a device-specific thing - I'm trying to do

syslog on a Nortel Accelar 1100 switch. I'll try another device as =


but have you seen this behavior before?


Paul Trivino

Alaris Medical Systems, Inc.