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DkimX 1.20 and DkimX 2.10 have been released.

DkimX 1.20 (for Exchange 2007/2010) & DkimX 2.10 (for Exchange 2013) contain the following new features:

- A new setting on the signer object (Set-DkimServer cmdlet parameter: TreatNullEnvelopeSenderAddressAsLocal, Signer property sheet: General->Treat the NULL envelope sender address as a local one) allows to specify that messages having the NULL envelope sender address (<>) should be treated as having a local envelope sender address. This setting must be enabled if the processing of automatic response messages, e.g. out-of-office messages, is desired.

- DkimX Console: sorting the list of domain key objects by column Key Size or sorting the list of signer rule objects by column Priority is now performed in numeric order.

More information about DkimX can be found at: 

Franz Krainer