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DkimX 3.10 has been released.

New features:

- DKIM signer and DKIM verifier provide support for the signing algorithm Ed25519-SHA256, according to RFC 8463 .

Changes to existing features:

- Support for importing a private key from file has changed: The import into an existing DKIM signer domain key object is no longer possible, the Import-DkimSignerDomainKey cmdlet (Management Shell) and the Import Private Key from File Wizard (Management Console) have been removed. The import is now supported at the time of creating a new DKIM signer domain key object, either by using the New-DkimSignerDomainKey cmdlet (Management Shell) or the New Domain Key dialog (Management Console).

Fixed issues:

- The Set-DkimVerifier cmdlet incorrectly rejects valid values for the parameters MinRsaKeySize and MaxRsaKeySize.

More information about DkimX 3.10 can be found at: 


Franz Krainer

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