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Hi there,

I am demoing disclaim it for one of our clients, as we use it on our exchange 2003 server and find it excellent.

I have installed the exchange 2007 version all ok.

I then created a new text module and setup disclaimers for plain, rich and html.

I then setup a processing rule to add this after the "origional text".

I then applied this.

I then went into exchange transport hub and enabled the rule.

Disclaim it now shows the rule as enabled.

However, when I send a test message to my google account, there is no disclaimer attached.

Any ideas on what I did wrong? things I can check?



Hi Gary,

please do the following:

- Enable diagnostics logging to file for all categories with log level Maximum (DisclaimIt Manager->Server properties->Diagnostics).

- Send one or more test messages.

- Disable diagnostics logging to file .

- Send me ( the log files in <InstallDir>\Diagnostics\TraceLogs.


Hi Franz,

Just wanted to post the issue is now resolved thanks to your efforts via email.

Thank you very much for the help, top notch support, very much appreciated.


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