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I looked but did not find the answer to this question, apologies in advance if you have already answered it. I want to run SL4NT as a service on 1 computer at 1 office with about 50 ethernet switches sending syslog messages to that server. Does this mean I have to buy a site license or can I just buy a 1 user license? My confusion is from the term "1 user" license, when really there are no users at all, just switches logging to a single server. Thank you.
The web page says:
Single User License: A Single User license gives you the right to use SL4NT on one computer.

This means that you need only one "user" license.

You are correct in that the "user" license should be really called a "server" license. It was named this way because more than 10 years ago, SL4NT was sold through the online reseller platform Kagi, which offered only three kinds of licenses: user, site, world-wide.

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